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Your Solar Energy Partner!
Aterenerji operates with the mission of increasing renewable and sustainable solutions for Turkey’s power generation since its introduction to solar energy sector.

Aterenerji serves as a solution partner (EPC) in photovoltaic energy applications with its well-equipped project group having extensive knowledge and experience in particularly detail solutions from design to application, installation to analysis.

All services of the company are managed by our specialized personnel, and our departments are operating individually in roof-top and field solar energy power station applications.

Additionally, all materials and equipment used in our projects are procured from our self-proven suppliers that are well-recognized around the globe. There are many manufacturer companies from Europe to Far East in our supplier portfolio which has a wide product range.

More “Efficiency and Profit”
Industrial Structures

* Stations
* Warehouses
* Administrative Buildings
* Car parks

Commercial Structures
 * Hotels
* Hospitals
* Shopping Malls
* Residences
* Airports
* Universities
* Schools

Solar Fields
Aterenerji offers optimum system solutions via special turn-key projects in photovoltaic power station (Solar Farm) installations on the fields.

Special Applications
* Carport
* Car parks
* Channels
* Villa & Summer Houses
* Housing Estates