Group Company


We are a Turn-Key Construction Contracting Company.
The main business field of Atersan, the catalyst company of the group is industrial structures. Aterinşaat became a solution partner for local and foreign investors with the industrial structure projects completed during industrialization process, playing a significant role in development of the regional industry and sector by delivering custom projects to many challenging sectors from chemistry to textile, food to automotive industry.

Transferring the experience obtained from extensive projects such as industrial structure to other project types, Aterinşaat also serves in different projects such as Shopping Malls, hospitals, hotel and educational buildings. Aterinşaat created an added value for many reputable organizations of Turkey with the projects delivered since its foundation.

Flawless Design and Highly Qualified Workmanship in Every Field of Civil Works!
Roof Solutions

* Sandwich Panel Roof Systems
* Interlock Systems
* Trapeze and Sinus Plate Systems
* On-site Application Sandwich Systems
* Membrane Roof Systems
* Skylight and Ventilation Systems

Façade Solutions
* Sandwich Panel Façade Systems
* Cassette Systems
* Painted Plate Coating Systems
* On-site Application Sandwich Systems

Steel Construction Solutions
* Prefabricated Light Steel Structure Profiles

Cold Storage Solutions
* Industrial Cold Storage Systems

Floor Solutions
* Epoxy and Polyurethane Based Coatings

Insulation Solutions
* Water Insulation systems
* Jacketing Systems

Decoration Solutions
* Suspended Ceiling Systems
* Partition Wall Systems
* Pergola Systems