Combining companies like Atersan, Aterstore, Aterinşaat, Aterenerji and brands like Atersolar, Aterbond and Atersan Academiy within its organization, Atergrup continues to carry out new projects. Group’s catalyst company Atersan is one of the leading companies in Turkey’s construction materials sector. Atergrup Board of Directors Chairman Volkan Ceylan says Atersan created application solutions, addressing the needs of investors as a solution partner with products that require expertise with a frequency reaching to 7 square meters in applications from basement to roof particularly in industrial structures.

Volkan Ceylan states that Aterinşaat offers project management, design, production, engineering and architecture services for industrial structures; whereas Aterenerji is operating in an organization that offers complete energy solutions including photovoltaic plants for solar energy production, design, installation, operation and maintenance. Ceylan also gave information on the other companies:

“Atersolar is a steel or aluminum installation system used in photovoltaic investments, enabling safe and highly efficient operation of solar panels with a long service-life both in buildings and fields. Aterbond is an aluminum composite panel façade siding system of our company. Sales and support is provided for this material to our dealers in Aegean region and its perimeter. Atersan Academy comes to front as an institution that updated knowledge of personnel working in diverse fields of construction, delivering qualified craftsmen to the sector.”

Ceylan expresses that the major problem of construction materials sector in Turkey is that although quality standards are specified, quality control checks are not performed efficiently in production. Ceylan states that this is causing an unjust competition.