Atergrup with a history dating back to 1995 when the flagship Atersan brand was founded in İzmir, united all of its brands in construction, energy, real estate and construction materials businesses under single shelter and continues to grow and develop new projects.

Atergrup is aware of its responsibilities against business partners in all projects since day one, and began to take distributorships from world-class companies in 2006. Considering trade as a ship steered by trust, Atergrup united Atersan Structure Solutions, Ater Energy, Ater Store, Ater Construction companies under single shelter in 2012 and included Reanka Real Estate company to the group in 2017; and continues to build future with prestige and look into tomorrow with confidence at its facilities on 9.000 square meter area with irs 70 employees, 23 years of experience and 20.000.000 square meter reference applications.

“Take your place in İzmir’s future with Ater Tower, the most elegant tower of the city.”

The life at Ater Tower, İzmir’s most elegant tower erected in a period as short as one year after purchased by Atergrup in April 2017 as the first real estate project in Stage B of Bayraklı, the city center of İzmir, starts in May 2018

Atergrup Board of Directors Chairman Volkan Ceylan, who followed every state of Ater Tower project closely explained this unique project where Atergrup’s 23 years of experience in construction business is demonstrated in practice.

“We purchased this project from basic construction phase approximately one year ago, introducing ourselves with a very work-intensive period. We knew from the first day that we undertook responsibility of a project unique from all aspects when we reviewed the location, architectural structure and future plans of our city, and began to work seriously under such responsibility. We’ve had several meetings to seek ways of satisfying owners of the tower and to make difference. Today; we are happy to see the outcomes of all those meetings, brainstorming and exchange of ideas. We must have drawn attention to the right points that we’ve already sold 60% of the tower, and delivered title deed certificates of 80 offices.

The life at Ater Tower will start very shortly, and there are many privileges that will support the valuable tower owners both in social and professional lives. We designed Ater Tower as a business machine, not a business tower. Ater Tower is a true business machine equipped with features thought in detail to work non-stop and completely eliminate mistakes!”

Overview of those features are as follows;

Firstly, I would like the investors who will be choosing Ater Tower to know that they are not only buying an office but a tower. Because Ater Tower is a business machine that breaths, works together and runs flawlessly to carry its guests ahead. There recreational areas and sky gardens at every floor of our tower. The answer for the question of which tower allows people to take a breath in the busy pace of business life and is the first tower that has opening-windows in İzmir would also be Ater Tower.

Additionally, Ater Tower is the first tower removes the curtains that block magnificent scenery of İzmir, almost all offices have a sea view, and “sun blind panels” installed on every floor and office of the tower enables our investors to enjoy the view throughout the day. Tower owners will enjoy business life with a fitness center, state of art technology meeting rooms, 3-floor car park and fancy restaurants as well as unique privileges that will support their business.

Ater Tower is designed with care to safeguard our investors against unforeseen problems of the life such as maximum earthquake resistance. Additionally, façade works are carried out by Atergrup, and the wind tests applied to Socar Energy headquarters building are carried out with the same attention and caution at Ater Tower. Our Tower passed this test with full score. Furthermore, Ater Tower comes to fore with consultancy services offered to its investors. Those consultancy services are namely legal consultancy, advertisement consultancy, accounting consultancy, etc. designed to support our investors.

Many privileges such as personal valet service, teams that will meet guests of tower owners at the airport and escort them to the office are awaiting at the most functional tower of İzmir.

Success is a team work, and there is a professional team on the floor of Ater Tower!

We are very happy to take responsibility of this project which is greatly appreciated by people of İzmir as well as investors of interest.

I think that I also due a thank you to my team friends at this point. They worked hard with great effort, self-sacrifice and motivation all year long. My team mates have the biggest share in completion of the project in accordance with our plans and achieving a happy ending.”

“Discover the most functional tower of İzmir before it is too late.”